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Robb SAXTON touches his audience with his unmistakable, intimate saxophone melodies.

With his new release Dream Sax, he sets creative and touching accents and promises a musice experience at the highest level. He strives for musical perfection and tries to pack his ideas and thoughts into his melodies with feeling and ease. For Robb SAXTON, DREAM SAX is more than just a collection of his own creative saxophone sounds – each tone tells a story, captures the moment and conveys emotions in a way that you cannot express with words.


About the artist:

ROBB SAXTON’s, musical career began in his early childhood. Born and raised in Graz, he practiced in various musical styles and formations. Through his long-standing love for the instrument and his tireless diligence, he developed special innovative saxophone melodies that break boundaries and redefine sound experiences. With this artistic freedom and passion, he is now providing new musical highlights and inspires his audience again and again.

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